Hey, man! Where is my Google My Business listing? The “service areas” arrived!

The GMB service areas are here! Did you miss them?

Google has taken an important setting out of your account, which may cause you to have less traffic in your account soon. In the picture you can see the replacement option ” Service Locations”.

Are you still too local to find?

Today on 01.01.19 you probably still are. Apparently Google has a kind of grace period and leaves you some time to make the change. But you should still start as soon as possible!

Which possibilities are there to get all cities for the service areas?

What was previously covered quite simply by a radius is now forced manuel city picking your service areas. But how do you get to all cities and villages to complete the service areas in Google My Business?

I use the keywords tool from the Cora Suite for this purpose

Within milliseconds I get the surrounding areas of a city or within a locality. The miles radius is freely selectable.

It is also possible to enter the federal state and get a list of all cities in it. If you want, you can even sort out the cities by size.
If you need all cities and just want to enter them, write me a comment. The first 10 comments will get a list of your surroundings for free.

Do you know another time-saving way to get to the cities?

Who will benefit from the Google My Business changes?

Until now, the minimum area was limited to 18 km. In practice, it should now be possible to choose a location without including neighbouring locations.
This is definitely an advantage for occupational groups who, for example, are not allowed to and cannot afford long journeys.
In germany its for example the occupational group of doctors and therapists, for example, does not accept journeys of more than 14 km. The loss of time or costs are too great. All the better, of course, that you can be shown exactly in your town or even district. Probably there are many such examples.

Will the previous GMB optimization be affected by this?

Time will tell! Subscribe me best to learn about it.

As mentioned above, Google still seems to consider your old radius. As soon as the change is fully implemented, it should become clear which strategy is still bearing fruit. So far one could determine in the course of the last years yes like Citations became less and less effective. Even embeds are still considered a measure, although there is no current proof of their effectiveness.
What do you think about the new service areas? Has your 3-pack already changed?