Best time to post on Instagram

The perfect timimg...

It does also exist on Instagram, the "perfect time". 

​As the Instagram Algorithm study has shown, there are no factors that we can particularly optimize.

​Ultimately, it boils down to exactly three things that have to be chosen particularly well.

This post will only deal with one of these factors. The time

I've correlated more than 900 posts and figured out when the perfect time is.

Why is timing so important?

In the study I have measured many factors and the timing is by far the most important factor to ensure engagement (comments, likes) and growth. Especially during the week you should be careful only to post at the times I show you below in the post.

Should I stop posting at random times?

Instagram content is unfortunately not made for eternity. If you post regularly, your account will fill up very quickly. If you post at a time when most users are probably not online, your content will quickly disappear behind the next post and will not be noticed anymore.

Of course, you already have followers who will discover your posts in their feed, but you dont reach lots of new subscribers this way.

So you're doing most of everything for this one moment.

Note: Don't use your valuable content only on Instagram. The danger is too great that your valuable content is not appreciated enough. Use your content best also on Pinterest and in a blog. So you can reach more users and have more to offer to potential business partners.

It's less a matter of time and more a matter of time.

About the Correlation: To understand the correlation you should read the following sentences.

Every peak or curve upwards is commitment to a post. You will also see commitment from 07:32 as usual of regular posts.

I've analyzed 900 posts, but do you see 900 upward curves?

-NO you dont, many posts get no attention at all because they were posted at the wrong time!

the best moments to post on instagram

The perfect times for a post on Instagram are ...

These are the best times to post. At these times you have the best chance to get involved! The times in GREEN are especially effective!









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    Very nice report on Instagram posting times

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    I want 1000000 followers instagram

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      Go for it 😉 the most important thing you should think about is content creation! We will talk about that soon in a post

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